Creating Accountability

Accountability is about taking ownership of results and working to improve future results.  When organizations have a culture of accountability, employees:

  • take ownership of results, rather than just “do their job”
  • focus on what they can do to improve results rather than what they can’t do
  • help their teammates instead of throwing them under the bus
  • ask for feedback and accept it with openness and a desire to learn
  • take the initiative to fix problems instead of leaving them for someone else to deal with

If this sounds like the type of culture you would like in your organization, the Avail Leadership Creating Accountability Workshop Series can help you achieve it.

Creating Accountability Workshop Series

Developing Personal Accountability

The first step in creating a culture of accountability is recognizing how you have contributed to your own problems and to the existing culture.  We all tend to believe that other people are the problem. Thinking this way IS the problem.

Developing Personal Accountability sheds some light on the cultural forces at play that are hurting organizational results. This initial workshop focuses on the steps managers of all levels can take to personally model the behaviour they want to see in others.

Participants will learn:

  • Where their organization falls on the accountability spectrum.
  • How to develop a growth mindset.
  • The three steps of developing personal accountability.
  • How to request feedback and accept it with gratitude.

Creating the Conditions of Accountability

Managers tend to believe that being accountable is a trait you either have or don't have by the time you enter the workforce. In other words, "It's the person." Is it possible, however, that it could also be the environment? Could managers be unwittingly creating conditions that make it harder for employees to be accountable?

Creating the Conditions of Accountability uncovers the organizational beliefs and practices that may be producing undesirable results and creates a safe space to address them. Participants will learn how they can create the conditions for accountability to flourish among all employees in their organization. 

Participants will:

  • Discover the six essential principles that organizations must reinforce to create and sustain a culture of accountability.
  • Diagnose which of the six principles of accountability their organization needs to work on the most.
  • Learn the two essential roles of leadership and how to align management practices to successfully fulfill those roles.
  • Identify organizational practices that make it harder for employees to be accountable and determine the few, key changes needed to improve those practices.

Delegation & Empowerment

Accountability is about taking ownership of results and working to achieve the right results. Managers often become frustrated, however, when the people to whom they delegate work don't produce the results the manager had in mind. This leads many managers to conclude: "If you want something done right, do it yourself." This attitude kills accountability because it encourages managers to micromanage, discourages employees from learning and taking initiative, and drastically reduces organizational capacity. 

Delegation & Empowerment shows managers how to set people up for success rather than "throw them in the deep end and see if they sink or swim." When managers set employees up for success, everybody wins.

Participants will learn:

  • The five essential steps of effective delegation.
  • What, how and when to delegate.
  • How to maintain control without being controlling.
  • How to effectively use delegation as a training and development tool.

Inspiring Accountability & Greatness in Others

Accountability is the foundation of greatness. Most of us need some help to become our best selves. In fact, 70% of employees' engagement and performance is directly linked to how well their direct manager brings out the best in them. This is why true leadership is essential to organizational greatness.

Contrary to popular belief, leadership is not an art, it is a discipline. There are a handful of leadership behaviours that produce a disproportionately positive impact on people and results. People who learn and regularly practice these behaviours become strong leaders. Those who do not learn and practice them become weak leaders. Inspiring Accountability and Greatness in Others teaches managers how to apply proven behaviours that bring out the best in others.

Participants will learn:

  • How to connect employee's everyday work to the organization's purpose.
  • How to provide feedback in a way that encourages others to accept it.
  • How to avoid "upward delegation" and instead, coach people to solve their own problems.
  • Why focusing on employee's strengths accelerates their performance, and how to do it consistently.


Target Audience: 

Creating Accountability Workshop Series is designed for all levels of managers and future managers, and is intended for full management teams from the same organization.

Workshop Series Webinar

Webinar Slides

Program Delivery


  • The Creating Accountability Workshop Series is designed for managers and future managers. The best way to create a culture of accountability is for managers to teach the principles of accountability through their actions first, and then through their words if necessary.
  • The four workshops will be provided over approximately 13 weeks so participants have an opportunity to digest and practice the content.
  • Participants will receive a homework assignment at the conclusion of each workshop. At the beginning of each subsequent workshop, participants will report out on their homework assignment and receive peer feedback on what they can do to improve their results in the future. This practice builds accountability into the learning model to encourage participants to practice what they learn and complete their homework assignments.
  • Participants will receive brief, weekly emails of inspiration and guidance to help keep them focused on their assignments.
  • Short surveys will occasionally be sent to participants between workshops. Live polling will be used at every workshop. Participants should bring a smart device with them.

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