Leaders Create Accountability

Accountability is the foundation of greatness in individuals and organizations, but we are drowning in a society full of poor examples of accountability. There simply aren't enough models of accountability for others to follow. Great leaders first ensure they are providing a stellar model of accountability and then work to break down the barriers to accountability so others can easily follow.

Leaders Create Accountability sheds some light on the cultural and psychological forces at play that deters employees from taking ownership of results, and teaches leaders how to take a systems approach to infuse accountability into their teams and improve individual and organizational results.

Learn how to build the foundation upon which all truly outstanding individuals and organizations stand.

Participants will learn:
  • The difference between accountability and blame.
  • The three steps in creating a culture of accountability.
  • How to create a culture where people are comfortable providing candid feedback, and accept feedback with gratitude.
  • How to hold others accountable in a positive, empowering manner.

Target Audience: 

All levels of managers, and non-managers.

Possible Formats:

This presentation may be delivered as a keynote, breakout or workshop, ranging from 1 hour to full day, depending on your needs.


"Ive received so many positive comments about your presentation. You made me look good! You are an authentic and engaging speaker which allowed the group to connect with you."

~Avril Tyson, Human Resources Manager, Boughton Law Corporation

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