Developing the Superpower of Systems Thinking

By Michael Timms | July 23, 2021

The following article is an abridgement of chapter 3 from the upcoming book How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability. Wouldn’t it be great to possess a superpower? Perhaps when you were a child you wished you could fly, have super strength, or be invisible. I’d like to show you how you can develop the superpower to…

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The Most Frequently Missed Step in Problem Solving

By Michael Timms | June 15, 2021

Throughout history, giving birth was a risky business. However, in the early nineteenth century, deaths of mothers during childbirth suddenly and inexplicably skyrocketed. An epidemic known as childbed fever swept through the western world in the 1800s, and it was only getting worse. By the mid-1800s, about one out of every ten women who gave…

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Why Your People Strategy Should Focus on Employee Development

By Michael Timms | May 19, 2021

Most companies have a business strategy, or a “strategic plan,” but far fewer have a people strategy.  That’s kind of ironic because how can an organization have any confidence in their strategic plan if they don’t know whether they will have enough of the right people to execute that plan? There are three primary goals…

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The Test of True Leadership

By Michael Timms | April 21, 2021

With all that’s been written about leadership, it’s surprising how much misinformation exists on the subject. Leadership is not the mysterious cosmic force that it’s been made out to be. It isn’t an art, and it has little to do with charisma. Before I share possibly the most succinct and complete definition of leadership I’m…

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Why We Keep Getting Bad Bosses and How to Stop It

By Michael Timms | February 23, 2021

Julie Payette is an engineer, a scientist, and a former astronaut who speaks six languages, is a critically acclaimed musician, has held executive positions at the Montreal Science Centre and the Canadian Olympic Committee, and has a school named after her.  By anyone’s standards, she is an extremely accomplished individual.  That must mean she’s a…

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Want To Be An Amazing Leader? Ask For Feedback.

By Michael Timms | October 13, 2020

When was the last time your boss asked you to give them some feedback on how they could improve?  If your boss is like most managers, you’re probably thinking “I can’t remember the last time they asked me for my perspective on their performance.”  This lack of feedback is a big reason why most people…

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Why Every Manager Should Hold One-on-One Meetings, And How To Do Them Well

By Michael Timms | September 9, 2020

Throughout the first decade or more of my career, most of my bosses, even the lackluster ones, met with me individually on a regular basis.  This led me to believe that holding regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings with staff was a generally accepted basic management practice.  However, when I began my consulting work, I soon discovered…

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Heroes Look For Explanations, Not Excuses

By Michael Timms | July 21, 2020

Everybody loves a great story.  Our favorite stories often involve a protagonist who is dealt a bad hand but who manages to rise victoriously above their circumstances because of their remarkable character and unconquerable spirit.  These are stories of a hero’s journey, and are stories that many famous leaders have lived. In our everyday life,…

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