Why Every Manager Should Hold One-on-One Meetings, And How To Do Them Well

By Michael Timms | September 9, 2020

Throughout the first decade or more of my career, most of my bosses, even the lackluster ones, met with me individually on a regular basis.  This led me to believe that holding regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings with staff was a generally accepted basic management practice.  However, when I began my consulting work, I soon discovered…

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Heroes Look For Explanations, Not Excuses

By Michael Timms | July 21, 2020

Everybody loves a great story.  Our favorite stories often involve a protagonist who is dealt a bad hand but who manages to rise victoriously above their circumstances because of their remarkable character and unconquerable spirit.  These are stories of a hero’s journey, and are stories that many famous leaders have lived. In our everyday life,…

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Delegating in a Virtual World

By Michael Timms | May 12, 2020

Getting things done through others has long been thought to be the primary goal and challenge of leadership. However, the more we learn about people and performance, the more we understand that there is another factor leaders must be concerned with: employee engagement. Ensuring that employees enjoy their work and that they are developing and…

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The Cure For A Different Kind Of Illness

By Michael Timms | April 2, 2020

It feels like the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives almost over night. The current global crisis seems to consume our every waking moment. It dominates the news and our conversations. Almost nothing else seems to matter right now. It has been said that people’s true colors shine through in a crisis. As I have…

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Why We’re Quick To Blame And Slow To Praise

By Michael Timms | February 25, 2020

I once worked with a VP of Operations who found it nearly impossible to praise the people who reported to him for doing good work.  Don’t get me wrong, he was a super nice guy.  In fact, he possessed the rare combination of a good natured, humble personality and an almost genius level IQ.  But…

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The Three Habits of Building Accountable Relationships

By Michael Timms | January 21, 2020

Human beings are social animals.  Aristotle observed this fact over two thousand years ago, and it’s never been more evident in today’s connected world.  The central lesson of our species’ rise to the top of the food chain, our ultimate advantage, is our ability to work together. And that’s why we build relationships.  We’ve learned…

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Creating The Conditions Of Accountability

By Michael Timms | October 1, 2019

“Apples simply don’t grow for me.” I thought to myself as I looked at the spindly bare twigs poking out of the thin trunk.  I had planted an apple tree in my back yard two years previously and was getting frustrated with its lack of production.  Having bought an apple tree, I dug a hole,…

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Three Steps to Develop Personal Accountability

By Michael Timms | September 3, 2019

Lack of accountability is everywhere.  It’s a contagious virus that infects minds and paralyzes progress.  Any time you experience poor results, look closely at the sequence of events leading up to the poor results and you will almost always find that many of the people involved (including yourself) failed to take sufficient ownership of the…

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