Micro-Promotions: The New Formula For Retaining Your Stars

By Michael Timms | March 6, 2017

Have you ever wondered how you can convince your best employees to stick around long enough to be able to include them in your company’s long-term plans?  Do you ever feel like your younger employees have the attention span of a gnat, that they are constantly looking to chase the next shiny object (AKA “job…

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How Massively Successful Companies Order Their Priorities

By Michael Timms | February 4, 2017

I recently wrote about the Coming Talent Revolution and the calamity it will cause employers who are not paying attention to the signals in the current labour market.  Employees are no longer content to work for an employer who puts profits before people and purpose.  The best talent will inevitably be drawn to progressive employers…

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How To Make Customers Love Your Company

By Michael Timms | January 17, 2017

Most business leaders believe that the key to rapid organic growth lies in the next big product, the newest feature, a unique service offering, or cost savings from the latest process improvement that will lure new customers.  In their pursuit of growth, business leaders frequently forget that it’s five times more expensive to attract new…

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A Talent Revolution Is Coming

By Michael Timms | December 16, 2016

Do you love your job?  On Sunday nights, are you chomping at the bit to tackle that project on your desk, or do you mostly feel grief for the loss of your fleeting two days of freedom?  Employment surveys and workforce studies keep telling us that the vast majority of people are in the second…

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5 Parenting Practices Every Leader Should Adopt

By Michael Timms | November 29, 2016

Have you ever contemplated the parallels between leadership and parenting?  Some of my clients have.  After a thoughtful and reflective discussion with clients about leadership, I have occasionally observed them come to the conclusion that leading is like parenting.  Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed those conversations, I’ve rarely seen them devolve into any actionable take-aways or…

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How to Keep Your Millennials on a Shoestring Budget

By Michael Timms | October 29, 2016

So much has been written about how different Millennials are from the rest of humanity that you’d think aliens had abducted this new generation and replaced them with completely irresponsible, self-absorbed tech junkies.  But when it comes down to it, there’s really only one difference that matters when comparing Millennials with past generations in the…

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Found: The Lost Cypher For Revealing Leadership Potential!

By Michael Timms | October 4, 2016

I sometimes ask executives and HR leaders: “If I could give you a magic ‘something’ to make leadership development easier, what would that magic something be?”  By far, the most common request is for an effective leadership assessment tool—one that can actually determine if someone will be an effective leader.  There are literally thousands of…

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Every Leader’s Job Description Should Contain This Mandate

By Michael Timms | September 21, 2016

Last week I was in the Canadian Rockies on the Alberta British Columbia border taking a mountaineering 101 course.  I’m an avid hiker and love climbing mountains in remote locations, but this was my first step in learning to climb really big mountains covered in glaciers.  Two of my friends and I organized a private…

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