9 Tips for a Killer Presentation

By Michael Timms | May 12, 2015

The popularity and proliferation of Ted-talks the last decade has caused a revolution in the way people present ideas and attempt to influence others. Traditional PowerPoint presentations have become the arch nemesis of this revolution. Great minds such as Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, and Simon Sinek are its vanguard. As I prepared for a recent…

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The Single Most Important Leadership Attribute

By Michael Timms | April 14, 2015

Generally speaking, focusing on leadership attributes is waste of time. Contrary to what many leadership authors will tell you, most attributes are personal characteristics and can’t easily be learned. We have learned from Malcolm Gladwell and others that it takes around 10,000 hours of practice (approximately 10 hours of practice a week for 20 years)…

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The 5 Golden Rules of Paying People

By Michael Timms | March 30, 2015

Over the last hundred years or so, companies have dreamed up increasingly complicated ways to pay people.  As compensation practices became more sophisticated, they also became less humane and consequently, less effective. I prepared the following list to help my friends, clients and colleagues get better results from their employees by compensating them the way…

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What Google CFO’s Resignation Means for The Rest of Us

By Michael Timms | March 17, 2015

Last week the CFO of Google wrote a touching resignation memo that made headlines. It wasn’t necessarily that he was resigning that caused a stir, but why he was resigning. At 52 years old, and after nearly 7 years at Google, Patrick decided to retire so that he and his wife “can grab our backpacks…

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Carrot vs. Stick: 10 Ways to Curb Absenteeism

By Michael Timms | March 11, 2015

Having worked most of my career in HR in the construction and manufacturing industries, I became accustomed to hearing supervisors say “He’s a great employee… when he’s here.” Supervisors were often reluctant to do anything about these employee’s attendance because they didn’t want to make waves with an otherwise good employee. On the other hand,…

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Your Employees Are Addicts, And You Should Be Their Dealer

By Michael Timms | March 2, 2015

Employees are all addicted to a chemical that is in short supply. When they get enough of it, their focus is sharper, their attitudes are better, and they become more motivated to carry out their manager’s requests. And best of all, it’s completely legal for managers to dole it out by the bucket-full. The chemical…

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The Missing Piece of the Succession Planning Puzzle

By Michael Timms | February 23, 2015

How did you learn to be a manager? Just about everyone I’ve asked that question to have said some variation of “I was thrown into the deep end and it was up to me to sink or swim.” How often does that method of leadership development work out? Answer: about 16% of the time. The…

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5 Keys to Unlocking Employee’s Discretionary Effort

By Michael Timms | February 17, 2015

In the book Strengths Based Leadership, the authors cited a major study that determined the basic needs followers want their leaders to meet. The top 4 follower needs are: Trust Compassion Stability Hope The commonality among these needs is that they are all emotional needs primarily influenced by the relationship employees have with their immediate…

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