Building Accountable Relationships

One of the primary reasons our species has risen to the top of the food chain is humanity's ability to work together to achieve greater results than we could achieve individually. We have learned that we can achieve more when we create partnerships. However, most relationships fall far short of their synergistic potential. Everybody knows that strong relationships take time and effort, but what, exactly, should we be focusing our energy on to get the most out of our important relationships?

Building Accountable Relationships identifies the most important habits people must develop to ensure their important relationships are producing the desired benefits for both parties and teaches participants the skills to hold others accountable in a positive and productive way.

Participants will learn:

  • The default culture that emerges in organizations when relationships are not built on a foundation of accountability.
  • The four habits of building accountable relationships.
  • How to create and establish mutually agreed upon expectations and hold others accountable to those expectations with consideration and kindness.
  • How to provide feedback in a positive manner that encourages others to accept it.