Customer Service

How Massively Successful Companies Order Their Priorities

I recently wrote about the Coming Talent Revolution and the calamity it will cause employers who are not paying attention to the signals in the current labour market.  Employees are no longer content to work for an employer who puts profits before people and purpose.  The best talent will inevitably be drawn to progressive employers…

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How To Make Customers Love Your Company

Most business leaders believe that the key to rapid organic growth lies in the next big product, the newest feature, a unique service offering, or cost savings from the latest process improvement that will lure new customers.  In their pursuit of growth, business leaders frequently forget that it’s five times more expensive to attract new…

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Where Great Customer Service Begins

Despite just about every company claiming that they are “rated #1 in customer service”, there is an abundance of evidence that customer service in general is getting worse, not better. If you’re like most people, you can probably recall your most frustrating customer service experience in a heartbeat. Emotions quickly rush back to the surface…

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