The Key To Reducing Conflict and Improving Teamwork

When you look at failed relationships—be they business, personal or otherwise—you will almost always find they have at least one thing in common: unmet needs and expectations. Intuitively, we all know this.  But when was the last time you asked any of your important relationships to come to a shared understanding of what you need and…

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5 Powerful Practices to Give Feedback Like a Pro

In my previous article on How To Cure A Passive-Aggressive Culture, I made the case that the essence of leadership is to “go before” and guide others to a destination.  The way leaders guide others is by constantly pointing to the destination and providing frequent feedback about how well individual efforts are moving the team…

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10 Practices That Will Make Others Want Your Feedback

Right now, there is probably something you want to tell one of your colleagues… but you’re holding back.  It’s something that’s hurting their career, and they seem to be totally oblivious to it.  You’ve wanted to tell them about it for a while, but you haven’t because you are afraid that they will be offended…

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The Subtle Difference Between Feedback That Develops vs Demoralizes

Have you ever tried to give an employee performance feedback and had the discussion go sideways on you? If so, you’re like most managers. Giving performance feedback rarely ends well, and can often end up damaging the relationship. That’s why most managers avoid giving performance feedback or wait until the next scheduled performance review to…

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