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What It Means To Put People-First (Case Study)

I’ve been speaking and writing a lot about a seemingly counter-intuitive concept: putting employees ahead of customers and profits is the surest path to exceptional customer service and financial success. It’s also the most fundamental (and most frequently missed) pre-requisite to building a pipeline of leadership and talent within an organization. But what does that look like……

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Surprise! You’re a Mentor.

Whether you know it or not, people are watching you.  They’re learning from you and trying to infer the motives of your actions.  Now, if you’re a leader, its safe to assume that others are watching you about five times more closely than they normally would—dissecting, analyzing, and categorizing everything you say and do, as…

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5 Essential Practices of Great Second-in-Commands

I served as the third-in-command in a large branch of a fairly dynamic service organization.  When I recently told my leader that I was transferring to serve as the second-in-command at a different branch of the same service organisation, he told me “Go show them what it means to be a first follower.”  I was…

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Found: The Lost Cypher For Revealing Leadership Potential!

I sometimes ask executives and HR leaders: “If I could give you a magic ‘something’ to make leadership development easier, what would that magic something be?”  By far, the most common request is for an effective leadership assessment tool—one that can actually determine if someone will be an effective leader.  There are literally thousands of…

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Are You a Decision-Making Bottleneck?

When I was the director of human resources for a mid-sized construction company I reported to the Executive Vice President.  He was the type of manager who insisted on making nearly every single decision in the company.  He didn’t come right out and say “I need to have the final say on everything.”  What he’d…

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