Delegation & Empowerment

Full-Day Executive Workshop

How many times have you asked someone to do something for you and the result was disastrous? After a few experiences like these, many managers have unconsciously adopted the belief that "if you want something done right, do it yourself." When managers believe this, they stop being a leader. Their capacity is limited to what they personally can do, and employee development and engagement go out the window.

Effective delegation is the cornerstone of leadership. Organizations that delegate effectively engage the full capacity of their workforce and save truckloads of salary dollars as work gets logically and efficiently passed down to the lowest possible level in the organization.

Participants will learn:

  • The principles and benefits of effective delegation.
  • What, how, and when to delegate.
  • Five essential steps of effective delegation.
  • How to maintain control without being controlling.
  • How to effectively use delegation as a training and development tool.

Target Audience: senior managers

Delivery Formats: Can be delivered as a full-day, in-person workshop or two 1.5 hour video meetings with supplemental pre-work.