Executive Workshop

The very first, most foundational talent management priority is to establish consistent criteria for performance and promotion. Effective leadership competencies provide the platform for, and guide, all other talent management programs and decision, including recruiting, on-boarding, recognition, training, development, performance management, and promotion. Simple, compelling, leadership competencies align everyone in the organization with what it takes to be successful, and define the level of performance required in leadership positions.

Participants will learn:

  • The definition of leadership and how everyone can be a leader, regardless of their formal title.
  • How to become more proactive and cultivate a results-oriented approach to management.
  • The purpose of competencies and the role they play in succession planning, as well as every other talent management practice.
  • The value and benefits of establishing a consistent criteria for recruitment and promotion.
  • The role that competencies play in culture change, and how to apply them to change behaviour and achieve desired business results.

Length: Two non-management cohorts: Half-Day. Sr. Management Cohort: Full Day