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Michael Timms has dedicated his career to making leadership easier and to helping leaders and organizations reach their potential. As a leadership consultant, author, and speaker, he has taught thousands of people in leadership positions how to harness the principles of accountability to transform virtually every aspect of their operations.

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Every leader dreams of inspiring a team of individuals to unite around a common purpose, care deeply about achieving the team's goals, and work together to produce exceptional results. But in their quest to lead such a team, many leaders don't realize how they frequently encourage the opposite behavior.

When leaders blame other people or circumstances for problems, or fail to acknowledge how they may have contributed to undesirable outcomes, or try to "fix" people instead of fixing the systems within which their people work, they end up producing team members who are more concerned with passing the buck than solving problems and achieving results. Many people in leadership positions are missing something fundamental about leadership: leadership begins with modeling personal accountability. However, most leaders can set a much higher standard of accountability, they just don't realize it. How, then, can leaders develop accountability in themselves and in their organizations?

Leadership development consultant, Michael Timms, has discovered three powerful habits that not only make one a better leader, but also encourage those they lead to take greater accountability themselves. Using a compelling combination of teaching principles and illustrations backed by loads of scientific studies, Timms reveals three habits of personal accountability that are easy to implement and which can instantly begin transforming positional leaders into true leaders who inspire everyone to take more accountability for results.


"Learn to create a culture for your team and company that inspires humble accountability and improves the trust and collaboration of all!"~ Marshall Goldsmith, the New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“I thoroughly recommend this book to every leader.”  ~ Ed Sims, CEO, WestJet

“There is a gap in developing great leaders and Michael Timms has clearly found the bridge.”  ~ Lawrence Eade, President, Purdys Chocolatier

“I have read many leadership books and this one for me is ground breaking.”  ~ Patricia Jones, President and CEO, Calgary Homeless Foundation

“An invaluable resource for business leaders around the world.”  ~ Nancy MacKay, CEO, MacKay CEO Forums

"I couldn't put it down!" ~ Lyn Krutzfeldt, President, Asura Health Services & AdvantAGE Assist Group

"If you're serious about increasing your organization's effectiveness, then this book is a must read." ~ Rob Miller, CEO, PRT Growing Services Ltd.