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Personal Accountability Survey

Executives tend to believe that being accountable is a trait you either have or don't have by the time you enter the workforce.

Is it possible, however, that those in leadership positions may be unwittingly behaving in ways that discourage others from being accountable? Discover how accountable you are and the impact your behaviour may be having on those you lead.

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It's not the person...it's the system

Our brains are wired to conclude that people are the primary cause of problems.

Fight the urge to blame the person closest to the mess and instead see if environmental factors, systems, or your own decisions and behaviour are contributing to the problem.

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Lessons Learned Debrief Agenda Cover Page
Email Composition Guide Cover Page
Activity Analysis Cover Page

Lessons Learned Debrief Agenda

A lesson isn't truly learned until you've changed the process to prevent the mistake from happening again.

Schedule time at the end of every project, after every quarter, or both, to make reality transparent by reviewing lessons learned and incorporating them into your standard operating procedures to improve future results.

Email Composition Guide

Provide crystal clear direction every time.

When someone fails us, it's hard to notice how our poorly worded email doomed them from the beginning. Use the Email Composition guide to set others up for success by clarifying the critical steps.

Activity Analysis

What are your "big rock" activities?

You can't set the standard of accountability for your organization if you aren't completing your critically important tasks. Use the Activity Analysis to identify your "big rock" activities and then put them in your calendar to automate the right behaviours.

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