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Executives tend to believe that being accountable is a trait you either have or don't have by the time you enter the workforce. In other words, "It's the person." Is it possible, however, that it could also be the environment? Could executives be unwittingly creating conditions that make it harder for employees to be accountable?

How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability reveals the latest research around what levers CEOs and other executives can pull to infuse accountability into the fabric of their organization's culture to get the right behaviours, and the right results, more often.

Participants will learn:

  • A simple, specific definition of what accountability is, and is not, that will help align their organization to move in the same direction.
  • How accountable behaviours are the key to organizational execution.
  • The most impactful things leaders can do to create accountability within their organization.
  • How to measure accountability. You can't move the needle on what you can't define or measure.

Target Audience: 

All levels of managers and non-managers.

Possible Formats:

This presentation may be delivered as a keynote, breakout or workshop, ranging from 1-hour to full day, depending on your needs.


"I've received so many positive comments about your presentation. You made me look good! You are an authentic and engaging speaker which allowed the group to connect with you."

~Avril Tyson, Human Resources Manager, Boughton Law Corporation

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