Leading Talent Development

Half-Day Executive Workshop

Often, the single most significant difference between industry-leading organizations and mediocre ones is the ability to consistently develop their employees. Go ahead and think of any industry-leading organization, and you’ll almost always find that talent development is one of their top strategic priorities.

Leading Talent Development walks senior management teams through the fundamentals of implementing a continuous leadership and talent development program, and takes the first steps towards making it happen.

Participants will learn:

  • The talent mindset that sets industry-leading companies apart from their competitors.
  • To compare the advantages of developing talent internally versus recruiting, and discover how to turn their company into a talent development machine.
  • How their organization’s talent development program stacks up against the best, and where it needs some work.
  • How a world-class leadership and talent development program works and learn the necessary steps to implement one.

Target Audience: senior managers

Length: half-day to full-day