Management Blind Spots Self-Evaluation

How do others see you?

As a manager, what you do and how you do it can hurt your credibility and influence on others.

Take a look at yourself from the perspective of those you manage – and see what you need to do differently!

Download  the Leadership Blind Spots Self-Evaluation

Talent Development Assessment

How well does your organization develop its talent?

The answer to this question is often the single most significant difference between industry-leading organizations and mediocre ones. 

Discover how your organization’s talent development program stacks up against the best!

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Menu of Development Activities

Finding it tough to come up with development activities that actually work? 

Here are 30 creative development activities you can select from to help people acquire the skills and experience they need to advance their careers. 

Download the Menu of Development Activities. 

Personal Development Plan Template

Want a career development plan that actually works?

This straight-forward and powerful template will help managers guide their staff through creating a career development plan that will actually fast-track development.

Download our Personal Development Plan Template

Project Mandate

Have you ever asked someone to do something for you and it turned out badly?

There is one right way to delegate, and many wrong ways.  Completing a Project Mandate every time you delegate will ensure you set others, and yourself, up for success.

Download our Project Mandate.

Delegation Checklist

Nail every aspect of effective delegation and become the kind of leader you'd like to work for.

The way managers delegate work has a tremendous impact on employee's motivation to accomplish the task, and determines whether or not the desired results will be achieved.

Access the Delegation Checklist.

Personal Accountability Survey

Executives tend to believe that being accountable is a trait you either have or don't have by the time you enter the workforce.

Is it possible, however, that those in leadership positions may be unwittingly behaving in ways that discourage others from being accountable? Discover how accountable you are and the impact your behaviour may be having on those you lead.

Access our Personal Accountability Survey