Strategic Advisory Services

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a senior HR advisor on your team without having to hire one?

No matter what size businesses may be, they all have strategic people-related decisions to make that have far-reaching implications. These decisions can mean the difference between creating a platform for growth, or creating a serious liability. Only a senior HR advisor can give you the answers to the strategic people-related challenges facing the business.

Avail Leadership offers strategic advice to the owners and executives of small to mid-sized companies. We help you implement leading-edge workforce practices for your growing business. We also offer individual executive coaching to help leaders of any size of organization work through their challenges on their own terms. These services are offered on a retainer basis so there is never a “meter running” and you can get help when you need it.

“Michael helped me get more clarity, focus and certainty around certain aspects of my role as a leader. I also found it valuable to have a strategic advisor to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that arise in my role as general manager. I’d hire Michael again and highly recommend him to others.”
- Larry Huber, General Manager, Marshall Aerospace Canada Inc.

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