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How To Make Customers Love Your Company

By Michael Timms

Most business leaders believe that the key to rapid organic growth lies in the next big product, the newest feature, a unique service offering, or cost savings from the latest process improvement that will lure new customers.  In their pursuit of growth, business leaders frequently forget that it’s five times more expensive to attract new…

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A Talent Revolution Is Coming

By Michael Timms

Do you love your job?  On Sunday nights, are you chomping at the bit to tackle that project on your desk, or do you mostly feel grief for the loss of your fleeting two days of freedom?  Employment surveys and workforce studies keep telling us that the vast majority of people are in the second…

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avail [uh-veyl]
verb: to be of use or value; profit; advantage

There is ample evidence that organizations are not leveraging their single greatest performance enhancing tool: leadership. Avail Leadership is a leadership development and human resources consultancy dedicated to helping organizations improve their performance through better people systems and leadership.

We help organizations develop leaders at all levels through succession planning and management training.  Avail Leadership also provides private and open registration courses for executives and HR professionals on succession planning & management.

About Michael Timms

Michael Timms is a managMichael's-Photo---High-Res-(crop)_-450pxWement consultant, author and speaker specializing in organization and leadership performance. As the founder and principal of Avail Leadership, Michael is a trusted adviser to senior executives and a partner with in-house HR professionals. He is also the author of the book Succession Planning That Works.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA specializing in Human Resources from Utah State University. After obtaining his MBA, Michael worked as an HR Manager, a Management Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, and an HR Director before forming his own consultancy.

In addition to his consulting and training work, Michael is a sought after speaker and presenter on topics such as succession planning, strengths-based leadership, motivation, and performance management.

When Michael is not helping leaders improve their game, he enjoys spending time with his family and going on challenging outdoor adventures in remote wilderness locations.

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