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Meet the Founder of Avail Leadership

Michael Timms believes that everyone has the right to be inspired and uplifted by their leaders at work. As principal of Avail Leadership, Michael shows executives how to create a people-first culture and build a pipeline of leadership talent. He also provides leadership training and is a professional speaker.

Michael is the author of the book Succession Planning That Works, which has received critical acclaim as “an invaluable guide for identifying, and taking advantage of, talent within organizations.”

Prior to forming his own consultancy, Michael was a consultant with Deloitte and an HR leader in the construction and manufacturing industries.

When Michael is not helping leaders improve their game, he enjoys spending time with his family and going on challenging outdoor adventures in remote wilderness locations.

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There is ample evidence that organizations are not leveraging their single greatest performance enhancing tool: leadership. Avail Leadership is a leadership development and human resources consultancy dedicated to helping organizations improve their performance through better people systems and leadership.

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