Succession Planning

Organizations that have an effective succession Plan:

  • Don’t need to scramble to find a replacement every time someone leaves the organization.
  • Save enormous amounts of time and money that are lost when vacancies are waiting to be filled.
  • Have higher employee engagement and retention.
  • Are able to seamlessly transfer knowledge from outgoing incumbent to incoming successor.
  • Are better able to execute the strategic plan because they know they’ll have the people to complete strategic objectives.

Achieving these benefits can be a game-changer. It can mean the difference between fighting to stay competitive, to being an industry leader. This requires a whole new mindset and taking a very different approach to succession planning.


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Succession Planning That Works

According to a recent study by Deloitte, 90 percent of companies report that strengthening their leadership pipeline is a top strategic priority.  Shockingly, only 14 percent of companies believe they have a succession plan that works.

Why is there such a huge disconnect between knowing and executing?  Because many organizations are under the mistaken impression that succession planning is HR’s responsibility.  Organizations that systematically develop their own leaders know that succession planning must be owned and driven by the CEO and executive team.  Avail Leadership shows you how.

The Goal of Succession Planning

Succession Advisory Services

“Our management team and I are ecstatic with what Michael has done for us.  He’s laid out a game plan and taken the guesswork out of succession planning, working with us every step of the way.  We’re looking to the future with a lot more excitement and confidence rather than trepidation.  We all agree that this has been a great investment”

- David Vadocz, P.Eng. Principal,
Berkeley Vadocz Engineering Inc.

"In positioning our business for growth, we recognized that we needed to plan ahead to ensure we had the right people at the right time.  Michael provided us with a system and a roadmap to accomplish just that, and has been an expert guide along the way.  We look forward to his further involvement in our people development program."

- Larry Huber, General Manager Marshall Aerospace Canada Inc.

“Very good information. I really enjoyed Michael’s style and his depth of knowledge.”

- VP Human Resources

Services include:

  • Introduction to Succession Planning Workshop – Executives not only learn about how succession planning works, and their part in the process, they actually develop the Succession Management Strategy right then and there.
  • Leadership Competency Development – The very first, most foundational priority in talent management is to establish a consistent criteria for performance and promotion. This criteria can then be applied in recruiting, recognition, career development, performance management, and promotion decisions.
  • Executive Skills Training: Holding Effective Development Discussions – One of the most effective retention and engagement tools organizations can employ is to hold regular development discussions with their employees.  Learn how to lead these conversations with ease.
  • Executive Skills Training: Delegation & Empowerment – Renowned Harvard business professor Robert S. Kaplan wrote "Failure to identify appropriate successors almost always goes hand in hand with the unwillingness or inability to delegate sufficiently.”  Learn the most essential aspect in developing other leaders.
  • Facilitate the Talent Review – The talent review is the most important meeting in the succession planning process. Let Avail Leadership facilitate it so you can concentrate on fully participating in the discussion, rather than leading it.
  • Operationalize Personal Development Plans – Advise the CEO and top HR leader on how they can best support their managers in their succession planning efforts, including what to do when no suitable successor can be identified. Review and comment on draft PDP’s.
  • CEO Succession – It is often not appropriate for an insider to advise the CEO on selecting a successor.  Avail Leadership will work directly with your CEO and Board of Directors to develop a succession plan for the CEO.
  • Executive Coaching – CEO's and other executives are the most isolated from critical feedback - feedback they need to identify blindspots.  Avail Leadership will work one-on-one with executives to help them develop the skills they need to overcome obstacles and prepare for the next step in their career.
  • Culture Alignment – The greatest succession plan on the planet won't work unless the organizational culture supports leadership and talent development.  Avail Leadership will work with you to create a culture that can sustain succession planning and talent development.
  • Program Audit - Organizations with an established succession plan can benefit from having an external auditor identify your succession plan's strengths and provide recommendations for improvement.

Avail Consulting will be as involved in the process as required, or may simply play an advisory role to the CEO.

Never wonder again who’s going to fill your next vacancy.

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Based on in-depth interviews with over 50 senior executives, Succession Planning That Works unveils a step-by-step approach to develop or improve a succession plan for any size of organization.

Discover why some succession plans succeed, and others fail.


Topics include

  • 13 research-based reasons to begin succession planning now.
  • How to calculate the ROI of promoting from within.
  • The Succession Planning Critical Path – the most efficient and effective way to implement a succession plan.
  • How to gain or strengthen executive buy-in for succession planning.
  • How to measure your success.

What people are saying

“This is an invaluable guide for identifying, and taking advantage of, talent within organizations.”

- Barry Silverstein, Clarion Reviews

“Michael has developed an excellent guidebook and toolkit for senior HR leaders and executives looking to implement meaningful succession planning practices in any size of organization.”

- Kelli Forster, VP of HR, Dynamic Structures

“This book delivers on one of its central tenets: it’s a straightforward, practical guide to developing a succession plan that works.”

- Tanya Wick, VP of Corporate Services, Tolko Industries Ltd.

“Timms has made it easy for the average manager to put an excellent succession program in place.  It's chock-full of excellent, practical advice.”

- Rick Dacri, HR Consultant and Adviser

“I was charged with setting up a Succession Plan for my company and bought your book. It was just what I was looking for. The templates you provided access to was icing on the cake.”

- Ellen Stortz, VP HR, Smith Douglas Homes

“I am leading a succession planning initiative at my company. I ordered several books on succession planning but found myself using this one more often because it is more direct and easier to use.”

- Amazon Customer

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