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Never wonder again who's going  to fill your next vacancy.

Get the book that finally simplifies succession planning.

Based on in-depth interviews with over 50 senior executives, Succession Planning That Works unveils a step-by-step approach to develop or improve a succession plan for any size of organization.

Discover why some succession plans succeed, and others fail.

*Also included in the book are 20 free downloadable tools and templates*

Half-Day Executive Workshop

Often, the single most significant difference between industry-leading organizations and mediocre ones is the ability to consistently develop their employees. Go ahead and think of any industry-leading organization, and you'll almost always find that talent development is one of their top strategic priorities.

Leading Talent Development walks senior management teams through the fundamentals of implementing a continuous leadership and talent development program, and takes the first steps towards making it happen.

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Leading Talent Development
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