A Talent Revolution Is Coming

Do you love your job?  On Sunday nights, are you chomping at the bit to tackle that project on your desk, or do you mostly feel grief for the loss of your fleeting two days of freedom?  Employment surveys and workforce studies keep telling us that the vast majority of people are in the second…

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The Leadership Lies We Love To Believe

Social media sites are full of tables and info graphics like the one below contrasting management skills with leadership skills. Have you ever seen something like this before? Managers  Do things right Organize work and resources Are concerned about efficiency Focus on the short-term Ensure positions are staffed Seeks for control and order Push Leaders…

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9 Tips for a Killer Presentation

The popularity and proliferation of Ted-talks the last decade has caused a revolution in the way people present ideas and attempt to influence others. Traditional PowerPoint presentations have become the arch nemesis of this revolution. Great minds such as Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, and Simon Sinek are its vanguard. As I prepared for a recent…

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5 Keys to Unlocking Employee’s Discretionary Effort

In the book Strengths Based Leadership, the authors cited a major study that determined the basic needs followers want their leaders to meet. The top 4 follower needs are: Trust Compassion Stability Hope The commonality among these needs is that they are all emotional needs primarily influenced by the relationship employees have with their immediate…

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