Management Training

Avail Leadership’s purpose is to help organizations develop leaders at all levels. One of the ways we do this is by equipping managers and future managers with the knowledge and tools they need to inspire positive action and excellence in others. Managers who know how to bring out the best in others not only lead more productive and profitable teams, they also lay the foundation of the organization’s growth by developing future leaders.

Each corporate training course is applicable to leaders at every level – from new supervisors/managers and future managers, to senior leaders and executives.

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What People Are Saying

“We would highly recommend management training from Avail Leadership to others.  We are already seeing the positive results and return on investment”.

-     Dan Marsolais, Vice President Operations
Ventana Construction Corporation

“Michael helped to improve the skills of our top managers and supervisors within the company by showing them methods, tips, and tricks to become better leaders.”

-     Linda Stutz, Human Resources
Nightingale Electrical

“Michael’s presentation to our CEO group was excellent and insightful.  It prompted a great discussion within the group and left a lasting impression.”

-      Patricia Kaiser, Chief Operating Officer
Sierra Systems

Corporate Training Workshops

Corporate training workshops allow your entire leadership team to attend, instead of managers arbitrarily attending various training programs on their own. This helps to make sure every manager is aligned with how people in your organization should be led. Organizations that have a leadership team with the same fundamental philosophy about the role of leadership and how to best motivate people are more likely to have a unified approach to accomplishing the organization’s goals.

Each training workshop is designed to be approximately 3.5 hours long.
To help maintain an optimum learning environment, class sizes generally limited to 18 participants.

What Really Motivates

  • The history and drawbacks of the traditional “carrot and stick” approach to motivation.
  • 4 proven strategies to motivate yourself and others.
  • The most common management mistake and how to prevent yourself from making it.
  • How to recognize good performance and the unexpected benefits of doing this effectively.

Conflict Resolution

  • Sorting out conflict within your team
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • 3 strategies to prevent conflict
  • Collaborative problem solving: finding win-win solutions
  • 3 keys to resolving conflict

Setting Effective Goals

  • Real-life examples of effective goals that made a big difference
  • Defining outcome-based goals using the SMART goal framework. (Performance Goal Template provided)
  • Defining performance standards
  • 4 keys to setting effective goals

Developing Personal Leadership

  • Becoming more proactive
  • Cultivating self-awareness
  • The myth of time management, and how to manage yourself instead
  • How thinking preventatively is the key to manage your stress

Avoiding Leadership Pitfalls

  • Discover the most common leadership blind spots, how to spot them in yourself, and how to avoid doing them.
  • How to increase your emotional intelligence to improve your performance and the performance of those you manage.
  • Become more aware of power dynamics in the workplace and the residual effects they have on you and others.
  • Use a management self-assessment to identify areas that require attention

Employee Engagement

  • Employee engagement: What is it? How is it achieved? How can it translate into substantial bottom-line results?
  • A manager’s influence on employee engagement; simple and effective ways they can improve team performance through creative engagement strategies
  • How to have engagement conversations with individuals on your team
  • Develop tailored engagement strategies for your team

Delegation and Empowerment

  • The principles and benefits of effective delegation
  • Knowing what, how and when to delegate
  • 3 keys to effective delegation
  • The pitfalls of ‘helicopter’ management and how to avoid it
  • Effectively using delegation as a training and development tool

Succession Planning That Works

  • 10 ways succession planning will save you money
  • The Succession Planning Critical Path – the most efficient method to implement a succession plan for any size of organization
  • The most common challenges in implementing and sustaining succession planning, and strategies to overcome them
  • How to measure your success

Download a PDF summary of the Training Modules.

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