Management Training

Avail Leadership’s purpose is to help organizations develop leaders at all levels. One of the ways we do this is by equipping managers and future managers with the knowledge and tools they need to inspire positive action and excellence in others. Managers who know how to bring out the best in others not only lead more productive and profitable teams, they also lay the foundation of the organization’s growth by developing future leaders.

Each corporate training course is applicable to leaders at every level – from new supervisors/managers and future managers, to senior leaders and executives.

Watch Michael in action

What People Are Saying

Michael presented two separate workshops to our company on the same day, and he wowed both audiences. His presentations were both informative and inspiring. He captured our attention with relevant, moving, stories and then showed us how to apply the principles he so eloquently taught. We want him back next year!

- Jeff Skinner, VP Development and Projects, Aspac Developments Ltd.

“We would highly recommend management training from Avail Leadership to others.  We are already seeing the positive results and return on investment”.

-     Dan Marsolais, Vice President Operations
Ventana Construction Corporation

“Michael helped to improve the skills of our top managers and supervisors within the company by showing them methods, tips, and tricks to become better leaders.”

-     Linda Stutz, Human Resources
Nightingale Electrical

“Michael’s presentation to our CEO group was excellent and insightful.  It prompted a great discussion within the group and left a lasting impression.”

-      Patricia Kaiser, Chief Operating Officer
Sierra Systems

“The workshop was perfectly tailored to fit our learning objectives and our audience, and added a ton of value. I would recommend Michael to any organization that is looking to invest in the development of authentic leadership for their people.”

– Brooke Christianson, Executive Vice President, Canalta Hotels

"Michael’s down to earth approach to leadership, empowerment and delegation helped my leaders understand the benefits of delegating effectively. Michael delivered up to my expectations."

- Craig Paquin, President, SASCO Contractors

Corporate Training Workshops

Corporate training workshops allow your entire leadership team to attend, instead of managers arbitrarily attending various training programs on their own. This helps to make sure every manager is aligned with how people in your organization should be led. It also enables participants to use their own challenges as case studies so the material can be applied and tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

Creating Accountability Workshop Series

Accountability is about taking ownership of results and working to improve future results.  When organizations have a culture of accountability, employees: a) take ownership of results, rather than just “do their job”, b) focus on what they can do to improve results rather than what they can’t do, c) help their teammates instead of throwing them under the bus, and d) take the initiative to fix problems instead of leaving them for someone else to deal with.

If this sounds like the type of culture you would like in your organization, the Avail Leadership Creating Accountability Workshop Series can help you achieve it.

Leading Talent Development

Often, the single most significant difference between industry-leading organizations and mediocre ones is the ability to consistently develop their employees. Go ahead and think of any industry-leading organization, and you’ll almost always find that talent development is one of their top strategic priorities.

Leading Talent Development walks senior management teams through the fundamentals of implementing a continuous leadership and talent development program, and takes the first steps towards making it happen.

Participants will learn:

  • The talent mindset that sets industry-leading companies apart from their competitors.
  • To compare the advantages of developing talent internally versus recruiting, and discover how to turn their company into a talent development machine.
  • How their organization’s talent development program stacks up against the best, and where it needs some work.
  • How a world-class leadership and talent development program works and learn the necessary steps to implement one.

Target Audience: senior managers

Length: half-day

Delegation and Empowerment

How many times have you asked someone to do something for you and the result was disastrous?  After a few experiences like these, many managers have unconsciously adopted the belief that “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”  When managers believe this, they stop being a leader.  Their capacity is limited to what they personally can do, and employee development and engagement go out the window.

Effective delegation is the cornerstone of leadership.  Organizations that delegate effectively engage the full capacity of their workforce and save truckloads of salary dollars as work gets logically and efficiently passed down to the lowest possible level in the organization.

Participants will learn:

  • The principles and benefits of effective delegation.
  • What, how and when to delegate.
  • Five essential steps of effective delegation.
  • How to maintain control without being controlling.
  • How to effectively use delegation as a training and development tool.

Target Audience: all levels of managers, supervisors and future supervisors

Length: full day

Career Coach Training

One of the most effective retention and engagement tools organizations can employ is to hold regular career development discussions with their employees. Managers who do so are able to align employee's goals with the needs of the organization. They send a clear message to employees "Look no further: you have a future here!" Employees who feel that their employer truly cares about their development are proven to be more engaged, more productive and have lower absenteeism and turnover. The ability of managers to hold effective career development discussions with their staff is a critical competency in becoming a world-class organization.

 Participants will learn:

  • The benefits of holding career development discussions.
  • How to craft development plans that facilitate and fast-track development.
  • The components of effective career development discussions and how to bring them all together.
  • To conduct a development gap analysis, and design high impact development activities.

Participants will receive:

  • Editable Performance Development Plan template.
  • Dozens of powerful coaching questions.
  • Dozens of examples of high impact development activities.

Target Audience: all levels of managers, supervisors and future supervisors

Length: full-day