Michael Speaks

There are literally thousands of leadership development consultants and speakers in the world.

What makes me different?

I don’t focus on the personality traits of celebrity CEO’s or teach about the latest leadership fads. I believe that great leaders take others higher – both professionally and emotionally – and that doing so is the surest and most sustainable way of attaining operational goals.

Based on this belief, I speak about and teach proven fundamentals of leadership that produce positive results with every type of follower, in every situation, and with every generation. Another major emphasis of my work is to show organizations how to set up systems that produce leaders at every level (aka: succession planning).

What People Are Saying

As a CEO Forum chair, and as a professional speaker myself, I have very high expectations of people that I invite to speak to my CEO group.  Michael was simply awesome!

- Dr. Larry Ohlhauser, President & CEO, Ohlhauser & Associates. LTD

"Michael's presentation was exactly on point for the continued development of our leaders. He captured the audience through incredible stories, and his delivery is authentic, powerful and engaging."

Kim Bracken, Leadership Development Manager, Federated Co-operatives Limited

“Michael’s keynote was the highlight of the conference. The information was a big eye opener. Michael’s delivery is energizing, entertaining, and really made a lasting, positive impression.”

- David Vadocz, P.Eng. Principal, Berkeley Vadocz Engineering Inc.

“I've received so many positive comments about your presentation. You made me look good!  You are an authentic and engaging speaker which allowed the group to connect with you.”

- Avril Tysoe, Human Resources Manager, Boughton Law Corporation

Michael delivered a powerful message and provided practical examples as to why people and purpose must come first to build a winning and lasting enterprise. The feedback from our members was very positive.  I strongly recommend Michael.

- Dave Kaiser, President & CEO Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association

“Michael's keynote was so well received.  His ability to connect with individuals from various backgrounds was remarkable! He had them on their feet, networking and communicating with complete strangers!”

– Sharan Bains, CANWELD 2016 Conference Coordinator

"Powerful. So much information. Glad I came, I learned so much and want to share it!"

- HRMA Roundtable attendee

“Michael is the kind of seasoned speaker who captures your attention but remains genuine and approachable at the same time.”

- Leo Chow, Education Services Manager, Small Business BC

"Michael Timms spoke to my CEO Forum and did a fabulous job. The content was eye opening and the presentation was engaging. I highly recommend him to your group."

Murray Neilson, MacKay CEO Forum Chair

“Attending Michael’s presentation provided me hope that this process can be accomplished.  I now have some practical knowledge, resources and framework for the application of a successful succession plan.”

Craig Summers, Executive Director, Port Alberni Association for Community Living

“Michael Timms' presentations to my CEO groups on leadership development were outstanding….and exceeded our expectations! Participants came away with expanded thinking and great practical insights. The members felt he was one of the best speakers we have ever had.”

Joanne Sigurdson, TEC Canada CEO Forum Chair

A Little Bit About Me

There is ample evidence that most people are not taking full advantage of the leadership positions they occupy, and that the world is craving better leadership. I help individuals and organizations take practical and fulfilling steps to develop their leadership capacity and make a greater positive impact.

I’m passionate about leadership development, my family and the outdoors. I have three wonderful daughters and an amazing wife. Seeing my family succeed is my highest purpose in life. When I’m ‘off duty’, you’ll find me taking my girls hiking and camping, scrambling up mountains, kayaking with whales (literally), or on other adventures in remote wilderness locations.

Watch Michael in Action

Purpose Driven & People First

Speaker Bio

Michael's-Photo---High-Res-(crop)_-450pxW From the moment he steps on stage, Michael Timms captivates audiences with his authentic style and animated delivery. Michael tells compelling stories backed by solid research that teach individuals simple ways to dramatically improve their performance as a leader. He makes the case that leadership development must be a top priority for organizations that hope to thrive in the challenging times ahead.

As author of the book Succession Planning That Works, Michael has a special interest in helping organizations put systems in place to create a culture of leadership development, and in helping managers improve their leadership skills.

Michael is a Leadership Development consultant and principal of Avail Leadership.  He assists organizations develop leading-edge workforce strategies and provides training and advice to help them execute those strategies. Michael has an MBA specializing in HR Management from Utah State University, and was previously a consultant at Deloitte and an HR director in the construction and manufacturing industries.

A Talent Revolution Is Coming: Lead It Or Lose It

The global labour market is shifting beneath our feet. If you haven’t felt it yet, you will very soon. Most employees today aren’t engaged in their work; few companies know how to keep their millennials for very long; and the exiting baby-boomers are leaving a leadership void that isn’t being filled.

A Talent Revolution Is Coming: Lead It Or Lose It explores the tectonic changes occurring in the labour market today, and illustrates how continuous leadership and talent development (aka "succession planning") is the key to thriving in the new reality. Discover how exceptional companies tackle succession planning and learn what it really takes to become a world-class talent magnet.

Participants Will Learn

  • What recent studies are saying about the future of the labour market and the impact it will have on companies in the next few years.
  • The talent mindset that sets industry-leading companies apart from their competitors.
  • The advantages of developing talent internally versus recruiting.
  • How a world-class leadership and talent development program works and learn the necessary steps to implement one.

Target Audience

Senior executives.

Possible Formats

This presentation may be delivered as a keynote, breakout or workshop, ranging from 1 to 2 hours long.

Becoming A Legendary Leader

All leaders, even bad ones, are always teaching.  People are constantly watching their leaders for cues on how behave or what to do.  The difference between true leaders, and those who merely occupy leadership positions, is that leaders regularly ask themselves the question “What am I teaching?” followed by “What do I want to be teaching?”  They then establish simple practices to become the type of leader that others want to follow.

Becoming A Legendary Leader inspires attendees to proactively design the impact they want to have on others and shows them four keys to becoming a leader whose influence is felt far beyond their personal reach and lasts for generations.

Participant Will Learn

  • The simplest, most accurate definition of leadership.
  • The litmus test of leadership – how to know if they are a leader or merely occupying a leadership position.
  • How to design the impact their leadership has on others.
  • Four keys to becoming a life-long student of leadership.

Target Audience

All levels of managers, supervisors and future supervisors.

Possible Formats

This presentation may be delivered as a keynote ranging from 1 to 2 hours, depending on your needs.

What Really Motivates:
How to unleash (and direct) human potential

For decades, the default method of motivating people used by business has been the “carrot and stick” approach – punishments and rewards. Contrary to popular thinking, incentive programs do not inspire people to give their best effort to their employer.

What Really Motivates takes a hard look at how well the traditional approach to motivating people is working and explores four alternative methods based on current scientific research. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to motivate themselves and others – at work, at home, and in the community.

Participants Will Learn

  • The history and drawbacks of the traditional “carrot and stick” approach to motivation.
  • 4 proven strategies to motivate yourself and others.
  • The most common management mistake and how to prevent yourself from making it.
  • How to recognize good performance and the unexpected benefits of doing this effectively.

Target Audience

All levels of managers, supervisors and future supervisors.

Possible Formats

This presentation may be delivered as a keynote, breakout or workshop, ranging from 1 hour to full day, depending on your needs.

Creating a Culture of Accountability

If you’re a leader, you’ve probably heard the quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Unfortunately, when it comes to which one gets more attention from executives, it’s strategy, without question. This is perhaps because, to most executives, strategy is easier to manage. What many leaders fail to realize is that if they aren’t managing their culture, their culture is managing them.

Learn how to install the building blocks upon which all truly outstanding corporate cultures are built.

Participants Will Learn

  • The difference between accountability and blame.
  • The three steps in creating a culture of accountability.
  • How to create a culture where people are comfortable providing candid feedback, and accept feedback with gratitude.
  • How to hold others accountable in a positive, empowering manner.

Target Audience

All levels of managers and non-managers.

Possible Formats

This presentation may be delivered as a keynote, breakout or workshop, ranging from 1 hour to full day, depending on your needs.

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