Speaker Bio

From the moment he steps on stage, Michael Timms captivates audiences with his authentic style and animated delivery. Michael tells compelling stories backed by solid research that teach individuals simple ways to dramatically improve their performance as a leader.

As author of the book Succession Planning That Works, and his latest book How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability, Michael has a special interest in identifying the specific leadership behaviors that produce the greatest positive impact on people and results, and teaching leaders how to adopt those behaviors.

Michael is a leadership development consultant and principal of Avail Leadership.  Prior to forming his own consultancy, Michael was a consultant with Deloitte and an HR leader in the construction and manufacturing industries.

When Michael is not helping leaders improve their game, he enjoys spending time with his family and going on challenging outdoor adventures in remote wilderness locations.

What People Are Saying

“Michael has earned the reputation as one of MacKay CEO Forums’ highest rated and most sought after speakers for his thought-provoking content and engaging delivery.  I highly recommend Michael as a speaker.” ~ Nancy MacKay, PhD, Founder & Board Member, MacKay CEO Forums

"Michael knocked it out of the park with his meaningful and impactful content combined with a powerful delivery.  His message is as important today as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was in its time.  I would highly recommend Michael as a speaker." ~ Debbie Wershler, President, BOWEN Group

"Michael's Inspiring Accountability presentation resonated with our Board and the Senior Management teams of our diverse group of companies so much that we are bringing him back to share his message with the next level of leaders." ~ Jessica LaCroix, VP HR, General Counsel & Secretary, Coril Holdings

“As a MacKay CEO Forum chair and as a professional speaker myself, my expectations of speakers are high. Michael was simply awesome.”  ~ Larry Ohlhauser, MacKay CEO Forum Chair

"Michael delivered a powerful message and provided practical examples as to why people and purpose must come first to build a winning and lasting enterprise. The feedback from our members was very positive.  I strongly recommend Michael."  ~ Dave Kaiser, President & CEO Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association


The Talent Revolution: Lead It Or Lose It explores the tectonic changes occurring in the labour market today, and illustrates how developing employees is the key to thriving in the new reality. Average companies view leadership & career development as simply one of many talent management activities. At exceptional companies, leadership & career development is the engine that drives their entire talent strategy.

How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability reveals the latest research around what levers CEO's and other executives can pull to infuse accountability into the fabric of their organization's culture to get the right behaviours, and the right results, more often.

What Really Motivates takes a hard look at how well the traditional approach to motivating people is working and explores four alternative methods based on current scientific research. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to motivate themselves and others – at work, at home, and in the community.

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